Resources to make creating your school's yearbook easier.

Yearbook Adviser's Resource Guide

Enjoy this collection of adviser guidelines, hints and handouts. Advisers got together to offer this handy, insightful guide to help you get through the year.

  • 100s of handouts
  • CD of reference matieral with customizable material
  • How to Get Ready, Get Started, Get Going and Get Done.
  • References to all Taylor Publishing Products

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A 16-page magazine filled with all of the national and international events of the school year. Top recording artists, movies, sporting events and more are featured in this spectacular all-color piece. Plus, YearZine is convenient! You can have the magazine inserted into the yearbook at Taylor Publishing, or opt to purchase loose magazines with convenient glue strips on the back for self insertion. Either way, your school will enjoy more color and more memorable events brought to you by Taylor.


An 8-page magazine geared toward a younger audience. This magazine, like YearZine, is filled with national and international events from the school year, however, the focus here is on young students! Many actors, actresses and recording artists are featured in this all-color magazine, as well as shows from Nickelodeon, Disney and PBS. Also, like YearZine, Rewind can be inserted at the Taylor printing facilities or can be sold with a glue strip so students can place them anywhere in the book they would like.

MyYear is a safe and secure web site that Taylor has created where your students and parents (buyers) can purchase their yearbook and accessores online. is the future for offering a selection of complementary value-added products which will provide further benefits, greater convenience and flexibility to your yearbook program.

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Yearbook Paybook

PaybookThe yearbook paybook is Taylor’s new business resource and your staff’s stimulus package. The paybook has step-by-step guides to increase your revenue. Employ the suggested initiatives, and watch your sales soar.

The yearbook paybook, the business CD and the “HEY! You’re in the Yearbook!” sticky notes will increase your sales right now.

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SAM (Student Adviser Materials)

SAM Creating a yearbook is fun, but it is also hard work. For the adviser, the entire yearbook experience is an opportunity to teach students an invaluable amount of information based on real-life experiences. Why not let Taylor Publishing help you, the adviser, with this monumental task with the hugely popular SAM (Student Adviser Materials) curriculum.

Why is SAM the perfect solution to classroom journalism curriculum?

It’s flexible, customizable, and most importantly, easy to teach
Teachers just like you wrote the SAM curriculum
Independent units make changes easier for Taylor and you
SAM has easy to follow instructions, lessons and outlines
Use SAM in a classroom or in an after-school setting

The SAM kit contains:

Packets of information that will guide entire classes, small groups or individuals through the steps in creating the perfect yearbook. Once the students finish their packets, they will have something created for the current publication.
Multi-media shows that will guide students through sections of the kit
Independent units make changes easier for Taylor and you
Computer based quizzes that provides teachers/advisers with a print out and a grade for each student
Posters, stickers and fun activities

The SAM kit contains:

Advising (download this unit now to try out SAM!)
Theme Development
Basic Coverage
Basic Design
Advanced Design
Copy Writing
Headlines and Captions
Basic Photography
Advanced Photography
Basic Law & Ethics
Advanced Law & Ethics
Taylor's EliteVision

Smart Pay

Smart-Pay - Student Benefits
Smart-Pay makes it easier than ever for you the student to order your yearbook. Now you can pay by credit card, or in some cases make multiple payments for your book. In addition, you'll receive reminders from us if you haven't yet ordered, when its getting close to your school's deadline. You'll also have access to all your school's information, from available options and prices, to adviser contact info and school addresses. So call us, mail us or get online and see how easy it is to order your yearbook through Smart-Pay.

Smart-Pay - Adviser/School Benefits
Taylor Publishing's Smart-Pay program provides a way to sell your yearbooks without the time investment of traditional yearbook sales campaigns. Yearbook advisers and staff deserve a great deal of credit for their tireless and creative efforts in producing a book of lasting memories. Having as many students as possible purchase the book gives credit where credit is due.

The Smart-Pay program handles the order taking and processing so you can spend your time producing the best yearbook ever. The program gets the word out by executing a professional mail and electronic marketing campaign just for you. No student misses the opportunity to order.

Smart-Pay processes the checks, money orders, and credit cards so you don't have to. We even offer a two-payment installment plan. Ordering is easy and convenient. All along the way Smart-Pay online is available to provide sales information to keep you informed of the yearbook selling progress.

Download Smart Pay at a Glance Flyer

Candy Altena, Smart Pay Customer Service Representative

StudioWorks Logo

"Anytime/anywhere, web-based publishing"

StudioWorks™ is Taylor’s online publishing solution for yearbooks. “Online publishing” is the movement of design and page management tools onto the Internet.

StudioWorks User Guide

StudioWorks Publishing Pages Guide

StudioWorks Portrait Guide

StudioWorks Photo Upload Instructions

SumIt, Taylor’s new sales tracking software, can help you keep track of your yearbook sales right on your computer. It’s free, easy to learn and easy to use. From importing your list of students to printing reports of all kinds, let SumIt decrease the sum of your time spent on sales tracking.

TaylorTalkTaylor Talk magazine is the most informative magazine in the yearbook industry. We bring fresh information to you and everyone involved with your yearbook. Whether tech tips, examples or stories of interesting people like you, Taylor Talk has it. Take a look, there is something for you! View Now.




Taylor Tools
The TaylorTools palette, which combines yearbook plug-ins and shortcuts to popular InDesign commands specifically designed for yearbook planning and production, gives advisers convenience, simplicity and structure when creating a yearbook.

TaylorTools is the no fuss way to harness the power of Adobe InDesign without the hassle! The tools palette saves time on yearbook production, organizes yearbook files and automates common tasks associated with yearbook production such as indexing. The palette also helps students learn InDesign and reduces errors that delay publishing.

The TaylorTools palette includes yearbook plug-ins for:

Creating pages from scratch or using templates
Using library objects for page elements such as information graphics, scoreboards and more
Dropping images onto spreads from the Image Palette
Flipping and flopping pages
Creating a yearbook index
Preflighting and packaging completed spreads
Submitting PDFs

The TaylorTools palette includes short-cuts to popular InDesign commands including: open, save, character palette, spelling, text wrap palette, paste-in-place, swatches palette, stroke palette, bring forward, send backward.

Yearbook Investment Program

Taylor Publishing’s Yearbook Investment Program is an easy, safe, and hassle-free way to grow extra money for your yearbook program. Simply place a yearbook order with us, send in your deposits by the deadline shown and you’re automatically enrolled. With the Yearbook Investment Program, early deposits are turned into an interest earning account. We’re paying a remarkable four percent interest rate on every dollar above the required deposit* you invest with Taylor when it’s received before December 31st for Spring delivery yearbooks and March 15th for Summer/Fall delivery. Whenever you invest, interest will be paid from the day we receive your deposit until the day your book ships; of course, that means the sooner you invest, the more your program will grow. DOWNLOAD THE FLYER


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